Accounting services

for small business owners in Raleigh, Durham,and Cary

Small businesses often struggle during the early years because small business owners are overwhelmed by:


Tax implications of business decisions are overlooked.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is handled incorrectly.


Nobody is reconciling bank transactions.


They don’t track and monitor their income or expenses.

But your small business can thrive in the early years.

Gwendolyn M. Reilly, CPA, PLLC helps small businesses get a handle on their finances early in the game so they can run the business effectively and take full advantage of opportunities for growth.

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We specialize in working with startups, as well as small businesses that have been in business less than five years but don’t have accounting and bookkeeping systems in place. These are the years when small businesses can make or break themselves with their financial decisions.

Our setup services include:


Choosing the right business entity structure.


Creating a budget.


Setting up your accounting software (QuickBooks, Wave, Xero, etc.)


Customizing your chart of accounts to align with business needs and goals.


Providing training on your accounting software.


Establishing a formal process for accounting and bookkeeping.

We can help

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On-going Accounting Services

Most small businesses don’t need a full-time CPA. However, they do need someone to manage their financials and keep an eye on their taxes on a regular basis.

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Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Gwendolyn M. Reilly, CPA, PLLC can remotely manage your financial data, identify and address any issues, and meet with you monthly or quarterly to discuss the financial health of your organization. What do you want your small business to accomplish this quarter? In six months? One year? Five years? We’ll partner with you to set and assess your goals and determine what needs to be done to achieve them.

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Tax Planning and Preparation

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Every business decision you make could have an impact on your taxes. With the right tax planning, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and minimize your tax obligation in an ethical way. When you have the right accounting and bookkeeping processes in place, tax time is far less stressful. That’s because tax preparation is a year-long commitment to tracking and managing financial data, not a once-a-year mad dash to file a return.

We can help

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